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The Can Do! Kids page has fun online activities for kids to try out, and interesting can do stories and resources that will help kids realize and appreciate their abilities as they try to accomplish their goals and reach their dreams.

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Who are Can Do! Kids?

Can Do! Kids are kids who focus on what they can do instead of what they can't. Can Do! Kids use their abilities in whatever way is best for them in order to do the things they want... whether it's reading a book, drawing a picture, being a friend, playing a sport, or reaching a goal or dream. The cool thing is, EVERY kid can be a Can Do! Kid!
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Even if some things are hard to do,
most people have abilities...
we each have our own "constellation" of abilities.

Take a cyber side-trip by
following this star star link to constellation of abilities page to learn more about your
constellation of abilities.

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